Hair is very important to me. If it looks and feels great, I feel great and that’s why I’ve always searched for that one product that would never let me down, that holy grail hair product. I finally found it with Kode Professional’s Fiberforce Hair Therarpy. If I had to describe these products in one phrase, I’d say they are confidence in a bottle. My hair is coarse and fine, a not so enviable combination of frustration. It’s frizzy and limp all at that same time, but what I’ve gained from using Kode Professional is a very unexpected transformation to soft, smooth, manageable hair. My hair is noticeably stronger and healthier. Styling takes much less time so I can be on the go and still look put together. It makes hair easy, it makes me feel like I’m ready to take on the day and I know it won’t ever let me down.